3 days in Sweden (2019 March 13 to March 16).

After my trip to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) I was eagerly searching for my next trip. Many options came but when I did the flight ticket analysis for the best and cheap flight, found an offer from Skyscanner and that was Sweden and the ticket rate was 211 Euros (around 16,500 Indian Rupees / 850 AED) Norwegian Air.Applied visa through VFS Dubai and it took almost 1month by the embassy to approve my visa (I ve got my Spain Visa in 1 week).Also booked a hostel (City Back packers hostel) in Oslo through Hostel world App.Reached Oslo Airport in the Morning and from immigration they asked the same question purpose of visit and my reply was also genuine (Tourism). But the officer asked are you Alone for tourism, then I said I am a back packer solo traveller, he looked at me closely and after few second he get me in by giving entry stamp. Also from immigration he asked which was your previous country of visit and I mentioned about Spain trip, however somehow he get me in.I will back with my trip details in the next blog.

ചെക്ക് റിപ്പബ്ലിക്ക് വഴി സ്പെയിൻ

സ്പെയിൻ കാണാനുള്ള ആഗ്രഹം വല്ലാതെ അങ്ങു തലയ്ക്കു പിടിച്ചപ്പോൾ പിന്നെ ഒന്നും നോക്കിയില്ല ഷെൻഗെൻ വിസ എടുത്തു (യൂറോപ്പിലെ രാജ്യങ്ങൾ തമ്മിലുള്ള ഒരു എഗ്രിമെന്റ് പ്രകാരം- ഷെൻഗെൻ എഗ്രിമെന്റ്- അതിൽ ചേർന്നിട്ടുള്ള രാജ്യങ്ങളിൽ പോകാൻ ഒരു വിസ മതി അതാകുന്നു ഷെൻഗെൻ വിസ). ഞാൻ പോകുന്നത് സ്പെയിൻ ആയതിനാൽ ഏജന്റ് വഴി സ്പാനിഷ് എംബസ്സിയിൽ നിന്നും വിസ എടുത്തു.

പിന്നെ ബുക്കിങ് ആപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ചീപ്പ്‌ റേറ്റിൽ ടിക്കറ്റ് ഒപ്പിച്ചു, പക്ഷെ പോകുമ്പോൾ ചെക് റിപ്പബ്ലിക് വഴിയും വരുമ്പോൾ തുർക്കി വഴിയും ഒന്ന് ചുറ്റി വരണം, എന്നാലും കുഴപ്പം ഇല്ല.

താമസം എയർ ബി ആൻഡ് ബി ആപ്പ് വഴി എടുത്തു പിന്നീട് മണ്ടത്തരം മനസ്സിലായി, ഹോസ്റ്റൽ ആയിരുന്നു എന്റെ ഒറ്റക്കുള്ള യാത്രക്ക് നല്ലത്.

Tblisi – Georgia – Some Experiences

It was my passion to visit the beautiful country called Georgia, which has been a long time desire since I have been living in Dubai for a few years. There were many reasons for it, beautiful views of Magnificent Georgia, VISA excemption for Dubai Residency visa holder’s to visit Georgia, and it is a budget friendly destination.

So finally I have visited Tblisi – Georgia in November 2018 (during UAE National holidays).

I didn’t face any difficulty fir availing on arrival visa, the beautiful lady officer at the imigration just checked my UAE Visa and granted entry to Georgia. (There was no huzzle, not asked for showing any hotel booking, travel insurence, or finance details).

My stay was near Libert square (also called Pushkin Square or Freedome square) and there is bus service from air port to Freedome square 24 hours with a frequency of 30 minutes.

I have been to Tblisi for 4 nights and 4 days and visited most of the main attractions, it is advised to book the tour with travel agencies to save time and visit more places other than the main spots in the city. ( for Tblisi city tour hop on hoo off bus service would be better option, it will cost around 50 or 55 Lari for getting 2 days validity pass).

I have tried many Georgian cusines, but it was not up to my taste priorities especially the break fast( Kacha puri, Georgian style egg scrambled,from Semikito restaurent near Freedome square). I fealt that the waiting period for getting an order delivered from a Georgian restaurent was so longer, even for getting two beers only took more than 25 minutes.

Georgia is an awesome country, I like the city Tblisi, may be will visit again.


Georgia – Tblisi Travel Informations

Hi Fellow Travellers, please see some of the travel indormations which may useful during your trip to Georgia.

1. In Georgia you can do cash transaction in their local currency called Lari / Gel, they wont accept US dollers, Euro.

2. Credit Cards are not acceptable everywhere, for example Ropeway station in Rike Park, some. (The charge was 2.5 Lari for single way to Narikala Fortress, and two way 5 Lari but you can take a walk back to old town by enjoying the views on the way, I would recomend that instead of two way rope travel. Also some of the groceries, restaurents were only accepting Georgian Currency Lari.

2. From Airport to City Centre and Back there is Bus service(Bus #37)and the charge is only 0.50 Lari. (It is advised to buy tourist card else you can use credit card with tap on facilty, also possible to insert coin and take ticket: no need to buy ticket from outside, ticket wending machine, tap on machine all are located inside the bus).

3. The bus station for return to Airport from freedome square is not the same one where you get down on your way from airport(which is near to Information Centre), the bus station for getting bus to Airport (Bus#37) is near Galleria/ Griboedov Theater. (24 hours bus service with 30 minutes intervel)

4. Tblisi Cable Car service Rope way station at Rike Park, the operation time is from 10 AM to 10 PM.

4. Near Freedome Square bus stop there is an information centre, where you can get a free map of the town also.

5. Use the Hop on Hop off bus service for the city tour, if you take a 50 Lari amount card, you can use that for two days and roam around the city.( 24 hours they have service)

6. SIM CARD: I bought sim card at the air port, there was a counter after the arrival hall near the currency exchange centers. There was sale offer for MAGTI Comapnies sim card, 3 GB Internet Data, 30 minutes international call, free Georgia local calls and the package cost me 30 Lari.

If you have internet data you can easly find the tourist spots at walking distance, restaurents nearby, etc etc.

7.I have found good deals at a travel company called Holidays Georgia, it was located near old town road from freedome square.(please their contact below). For two days full day trip I got it for 107 Lari, around 6 spots they covered including Kazbeg Mountain(where Gergeti Trinity Church located), Gudauri Skei Resort,ANANURI FORT, KHAKHETI MOUNTAIN, SIGHNAGHI, BODBE MONASTRY, Wine tasting etc.

They were professionala conducting tours and there was no huzzles, I like their service so recomending.

8. TBLISI CABLE CAR SERVICE : From Rike Park Rope way station to Narikala Fortress, as per the google the timing is 12pm to 12 am but it has been changed when I visted in November 2018 ; the timing was from 10am to 10pm.